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Keynote: Employing Senders and Receivers to Tame Concurrency in Embedded Systems

09:00 - 10:30 Wednesday 1st May 2024 MT Paepcke Auditorium

Concurrency and asynchronicity are notoriously hard in baremetal systems which often provide few abstractions. One core, a few interrupt driven events, and communication that may produce errors or require cancellation and now we have a concurrency beast. Typical approaches range from ignoring the problem to inefficient and hard to maintain implementations. Senders and Receivers offers much in the solution space but is it the silver bullet we have wanted?

This talk shows how to use the Senders and Receivers pattern to solve increasingly more complex problems. We will use Intel's open source baremetal senders and receivers library as well as other open source packages to build elegant, declarative solutions to historically complex problems. Our target will be an ARM based development board controlling several devices.

While this talk is focused on concurrency in the embedded baremetal domain, the problems addressed and solutions showcased are applicable to many areas. Please join me as we explore how Senders and Receivers can be employed to tame the concurrency beast in event driven systems.

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Michael Caisse


Michael started using C++ with embedded systems in 1990. He continues to be passionate about combing his degree in Electrical Engineering with elegant software solutions and is always excited to share his discoveries with others. Michael is a Principal Engineer at Intel where he works with a talented team putting magic into silicon.

When he isn't fighting with compilers or robots, he enjoys fencing with a sabre.